Week 30: Breakfast Pizza

Much like the rest of the country, it’s hot here.  So hot that I didn’t want to turn on my oven to make pizza today.  Thank goodness for grills.  There was no way I was heating up our place if I didn’t have to.

This week I made a breakfast pizza.  I’ve made one once before so I knew what to expect.  I really enjoy breakfast pizzas, probably because breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I love pizza.  Therefore, breakfast + pizza = awesome deliciousness.

I used my standard pizza crust for this pizza and heated my pizza stone in the grill as the grill was heating up.  I cooked the crust first, on the stone for just a few minutes.  The grill gets hotter than my oven so it doesn’t need cooked as long.

Once the crust was cooked, I added pesto, already cooked scrambled eggs with sauteed garlic scapes, and some monterray jack cheese.

I cooked the pizza a couple minutes longer, just to heat everything through and to melt the cheese.

I and the husband both enjoyed this pizza.  He thought the addition of bacon, Canadian ham, or ham would be good.  I thought that some cooked green peppers or mushrooms might be tasty as well.

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One Response to Week 30: Breakfast Pizza

  1. Charee says:

    Pesto breakfast pizza…sounds delicious! I like breakfast foods in a wrap, I like them in pita bread, why WOULD’NT I like them on pizza…this is smart.